Posted by Steven Hambleton / Hambo News /

The demand for mobile web is growing and it seems that even from last year to this year, the number of companies trying to get into the mobile market has boomed. Still more are expected to secure mobile exposure and we have geared ourselves to prepare for the shift in development needs of our clients.

Demand from our clients has prompted us to be proactive in developing and recruiting the skills to take on projects for mobile app and web development and after several months of searching and interviewing we are happy to say we have secured several android and iOS application developers. Our existing team of talented HTML5 and EE developers can also provide mobile web solutions. As a result several new projects are currently in development and in the pipeline and interest is growing daily!

If mobile apps or mobile web are something you want to get into but are still relatively new to don't let it overwhelm you. We are here to help you understand how it works, what the options are and why you might choose different types of mobile solutions. Everyone should be thinking mobile now, so if you would like us to help or you have a project, give us a call.