Posted by Steven Hambleton / Hambo News, Mobile /

Hopefully you are in full swing for 2013 and digital work is ramping up. We've noticed quite a wide range of digital pitches this year which is nice, keeps us on our toes. 

I'd personally like to reiterate that we are here not just for quotes but also to discuss ideas and creative concepts with. Feel free to call up and discuss ideas and we can go over technical options, limitations if there are any and maybe alternatives you haven't thought about. We have the expertise for small projects from eDM's right up to mobile applications and custom development. 

Being a pure digital production company, we spend a lot of time researching changing technologies to stay abreast of new ways of delivering ideas and campaigns and we are more than happy to share these with you. We enjoy providing a holistic approach to our development and helping to ensure the most competitive and dynamic pitches are made every time. 

We are also in the process of finishing off some interesting projects in the next couple of months, which we have been given permission to showcase which we are very excited about. In the meantime we look forward to your creative briefs! 

Regards, Steven 

Founder / Client Relations