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Our new website has finally launched! It’s been a labour of love and we were determined to get it launched before July. 

Our old website was looking a bit dated and no longer supported our brand. The objective of our new website is to showcase what we do and help our potential clients understand how we can work with them and what differentiates us from other web development companies. We especially wanted to highlight that we are not designers, we are developers. We provide development solutions for mobile web, CMS, social media, responsive web and custom databases. In fact we invite you to view our site and our newsletter on the mobile, to get an idea of how responsive design can be implemented.

We have incorporated some development technologies in the site itself to showcase our skills, including responsive design and CSS transformation to create Flash like interactivity and Typekit for online font serving. In the future we’d like to design a mobile specific site for Hambo Development, with some fun features. Of course both this site and any future mobile evolution will be built on ExpressionEngine.

The site is also highlights our service as development outsource partners to creative agencies. Servicing creative agencies is our USP. All our processes, procedures and customer service principles are developed around that. We only service agencies, bringing reliability, customer service, confidentiality and affordability to web development outsourcing. We know from personal experience that finding the right supplier can often be harder than finding clients and when you are staking your reputation on a third party vendor you want to make sure they are as invested in your business success as you are.

We invite you to browse the site, meet the team and view our work. Play with the features and ask any questions you like. We hope to speak to you soon.