Posted by Steven Hambleton / ExpressionEngine /

Site documentation comes in many forms from fully bound manuals to Post-It notes to a Word document but we felt all of these were mired in the static pre-web world which suits fixed, non upgradeable products just fine but a company website can be modified or upgraded and with it so should the documentation.

Introducing HelpEE, an ExpressionEngine documentation add-on that allows us to create documentation modules for popular functions or add-ons that can be remotely updated if the site's add-ons are updated to meet any new functionality. New site specific documentation can also be created to explain how to administer specific sections of the site.

HelpEE is expected to launch late July and will make the process of creating documentation for the client more consistent and user friendly. We will start to roll this add-on out for all sites created in EE from next month.

We’d like to praise Symon and Megan-Jane for their talent and enthusiasm, their cheers and tears were all much appreciated when it all came together.