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Design, Proofing and Specification Tool

For the past few weeks we have been trialling a new online tool called Invision and have decided to switch our proofing processes to this tool. We find it very fast and responsive, as well as having some extra features that suit our needs. If you haven't yet used it on a project and would like a demo / run down on how it differs please feel free to contact us and we can book in a short tutorial. I'm sure you'll find it as easy to use as we do.

Digital Production

Hopefully you are in full swing for 2013 and digital work is ramping up. We've noticed quite a wide range of digital pitches this year which is nice, keeps us on our toes.

I'd personally like to reiterate that we are here not just for quotes but also to discuss ideas and creative concepts with. Feel free to call up and discuss ideas and we can go over technical options, limitations if there are any and maybe alternatives you haven't thought about. We have the expertise for small projects from eDM's right up to mobile applications and custom development.

Being a pure digital production company, we spend a lot of time researching changing technologies to stay abreast of new ways of delivering ideas and campaigns and we are more than happy to share these with you. We enjoy providing a holistic approach to our development and helping to ensure the most competitive and dynamic pitches are made every time.

We are also in the process of finishing off some interesting projects in the next couple of months, which we have been given permission to showcase which we are very excited about. In the meantime we look forward to your creative briefs!

Regards, Steven

Founder / Client Relations

Happy New Year 2013

Happy New Year from everyone here at Hambo. We hope you enjoyed your break and are looking forward to another great year!

Last year we talked a lot about mobile applications and responsive design as these are growing trends. These are still areas of growth but this year we are excited by some technologies we also see joining the trends list, including NFC and mCommerce. Next month's newsletter, will talk about mCommerce in more detail as it’s set to make waves in 2013.

We wanted to take this opportunity to remind you that Hambo is technology agnostic and provides services in a wide range of technologies from mobile, application development including social media apps, frontend, eCommerce and several CMS’s including Wordpress, ExpressionEngine and Drupal. Our service focuses on finding the right solution for each project. So regardless of the platform or technology you would like to use, speak to us and there is a good chance we can help.

We look forward to working together in 2013!

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Christmas Break

Hambo will close down for a few days over Christmas Monday 24th of December through to Tuesday January 1st inclusive. We will be back into it full swing from Wednesday, January 2nd.

We would like to wish all of our clients a great Christmas holiday and a Happy New Year. We hope to be working on some new and exciting projects in 2013. We are ready to get right back into it as soon as you are.

We will be back in January discussing Digital Strategy and then in February we’ll release our next series of articles, this time focusing on Mobile Commerce, known as mCommerce. We look forward to keeping you informed on digital technologies in 2013.

Enjoy your holidays and if you have any questions, don’t forget to call or email us!

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Responsive Design

Responsive design is gaining traction and by 2013 a lot of new site builds will start to investigate a mobile first strategy with either responsive or a mobile specific site.
However like most things in the world of digital, things are moving fast and learning how to design responsively requires more time and focus from digital designers under heavy workloads.

If you need assistance transitioning to this exciting shift in website design, we can work with you to transition your existing wireframes/designs to a finished responsive delivery.
We can provide this as an ongoing or interim service until your design team feels confident they can handle this. We can also provide a guide on designing for responsive to get them started or help them mature their responsive design skills.

Send Steven or Nicole an email if you would like to discuss the options with us.

News from Hambo

Christmas is just around the corner and there are lots of campaigns, predominantly short term surfacing lately. Along with big projects, we are also equipped to handle campaign work for Facebook, micro-sites and eDMs. We look forward to working with you on your next project, no matter how big or small. We’re your agency digital partner, so you can deliver on time and on budget to your clients.

The services we offer are constantly evolving to meet the market, so here is a refreshed list of skills and services:

  • Social Media: Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram
  • Web Development: HTML5/CSS/jQuery, Wordpress, ExpressionEngine, Drupal
  • PHP Development: Symphony 2, Yii & custom PHP
  • eCommerce: ExpressionEngine, Magento
  • Micro-sites and eDMs
  • Mobile Apps: Android and iOS (Phonegap and native code)
  • Mobile Web
  • Mobile Games
  • Windows and SmartTV apps
  • Digital Strategy
  • Digital Design

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Your Feedback

Hopefully by now you’ve enjoyed reading a few of our articles, or even if you have just joined you have had the benefit of our archives. These articles are for you and your agency staff to help you pitch a digital strategy to your clients. As a digital company we love looking into the market forecasts and seeing what people are doing, thinking or predicting. We are always looking at new technologies, trends and industry news to report on and we’d like to take this opportunity to gain your feedback.

Are there any technologies or digital questions you’d like answered? If so we’d love to do the research for you and present it in a future article. Even if you enjoyed a previous article and would like more information or a follow up, we’d love to know.

Send me some suggestions and feedback at [email protected] and we’ll collate the information to make our newsletter as informative and relevant as we can. Enjoy the read!

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Facebook Development

We’ve been getting more heavily involved in Facebook development over the past year as I imagine most creative industries have been. Most large and medium sized business have a Facebook app or connection and small businesses generally have a Facebook page. With a growing need to ensure we had the specialist knowledge to provide Facebook development resources to our clients we sought out an experienced Facebook developer who had considerable exposure to the different calibre of Facebook apps out there.

If you’ve not already had the pleasure of a conversation with him, we’d like to introduce our Lead Mobile App and Facebook Developer, João Ribeiro. João is a software engineer and application developer who is very familiar with Facebook and understands their rules and interface in regards to fangates, applications, websites and games. We are very lucky to have his expertise on board and are excited about future projects.

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Mobile Apps and Web

The demand for mobile web is growing and it seems that even from last year to this year, the number of companies trying to get into the mobile market has boomed. Still more are expected to secure mobile exposure and we have geared ourselves to prepare for the shift in development needs of our clients.

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Magento eCommerce

We have developed several eCommerce solutions in ExpressionEngine (using CartThrob & Store) and Wordpress (using WooCommerce) which has resulted in some highly trafficked and successful solutions. However a lot of our clients are also asking for Magento services for their pure eCommerce and possibly mCommerce stores. We are also able to offer certified Magento development to clients for eCommerce specific projects that require a specialist system built for high volume orders, shipping and transactions. This includes mobile shopping sites.

If you are looking into eCommerce and are not sure which solution would suit you, or if you have a preference for Wordpress, ExpressionEngine or Magento please feel free to discuss your next project with us.

Agency Post Interview with Founder, Steven Hambleton

The Agency Post, a US based marketing and advertising agency publication interviewed Steven last month about Hambo Development. The Executive Editor, Jami Oetting sought out an interview with Steven after learning about Hambo’s unique position within the industry, to provide digital only solutions to creative agencies. This sparked interest because Jami believes that this is the direction the advertising and creative industry is taking and she was keen to speak to our company founder about why we chose this path, how our processes have evolved and what the future holds.

Jami is an advocate for specialisation within the creative / marketing / PR industry. By focussing on core skills and collaborating with other professionals, agencies can increase their value to clients. Trends show that a lot of agencies are choosing to employ virtual teams for efficiency, flexibility and cost effectiveness, to enhance their full service capabilities.

The article highlights our history, why we chose to evolve our strategy to agency only support and where we see the industry heading. We are passionate about what we do and strongly believe that collaboration, specialisation and technical expertise are fundamental building blocks to a successful creative agency.

Read the full interview with Steven Hambleton on The Agency Post.

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Responsive Design Plugin

We have been trialling a new plug-in this month on our own site to see if it helps to reduce the bandwidth used when downloading responsive designs onto mobile platforms. So far we are excited to announce it’s working really well and we are ready to offer this same opportunity to our clients.

Hambo’s new website launches

Our new website has finally launched! It’s been a labour of love, often stalled by work demands but never the less we were determined to get it launched before July. We made a new years resolution for 2012 to get the new website up and running before the middle of the year and we are proud to announce we did it!