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Responsive Emails: Direct Mobile Marketing

Email newsletters or eDMs are a common component of campaign work and digital strategies, but we still find a large percentage of them are not being designed responsively.

We wrote an article about responsive eDMs a couple of months ago and the feedback was overwhelming from agencies wanting to know more, so this is a follow up.

Lets start with some basic statistics, sourced from Mailchimp research on mobile email behaviour:

  • Around 40% of all email opens occur on mobile devices, compared with only 32% on web.
  • 69% of mobile users will delete emails without reading, if they are not optimised for their smartphone, another 18% will simply unsubscribe.
  • 75% of users will have a negative perception of the brand if they can’t view the email newsletter on their smartphone.

The effectiveness of an email campaign might well hinge on it's mobile responsiveness, with more and more people opening their mail on the phone. Here are some considerations when designing responsively. 

  • User behaviour
  • Designing the email
  • Consequences of not designing responsively