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mCommerce: The Evolution of Online Shopping

Australia’s love affair with the smart phone means that it’s only a matter of time before mobile transactions exceed desktop transactions.

In May 2012 Google’s research indicated that 59% of mobile shoppers made at least one mCommerce purchase a month, indicating that once they start, the experience leads to a continuation of this behaviour.

It’s not all about the purchase, it’s about the overall mobile commerce experience. Consumers are using their mobile to compare products, gather information, read product reviews, frequent forums, enter a competition, scan barcodes, make an enquiry or even a complaint. The mobile shop needs to cater for the type of user behaviour that is unique to online shopping, on the move.

  • Who is shopping online
  • Why do they frequent online shops
  • Integrated online marketing
  • Trends to look out for

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The Changing Face of Digital

It’s 2013, a new year, new possibilities! We’re excited about all the new ideas, innovations and technologies that this year will expose us to but and we feel that 2013 is going to the year of digital development for a lot of agencies, who have not yet really delved into this area. We’re not even a few weeks into the year and the ideas and the innovation coming from agencies is inspiring!

Driven mostly by consumers and their love of being connected, the digital world has opened up a world of marketing, sales and public relations opportunities but it has also left a huge disconnect within the industry itself.

A 2012 study, documented in BRW found that 41% of Australian companies spend 25% or more of their budgets on digital marketing (BRW, Nov 2012).

Just like any advertising medium, digital is now an area of expertise in its own right. A medium that needs to be researched, implemented and measured against the overall marketing goals of a company. Digital has already proven it can propel and promote brands across a variety of demographics and be a very efficient way to educate, promote and sell a product or service.

Digital is a growing and rewarding marketing discipline but it needs to be approached with the same accountability and understanding as you would TV, radio or print. Marketers and their clients need to ensure that they are achieving solid ROI’s from their investment in a variety of digital mediums. This is where digital strategy comes into it’s own.

  • What is digital strategy
  • The role of the digital strategist
  • The skills gap
  • Disconnect between the advertising and web industry
  • Technical expertise
  • Traditional agency v digital agency

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