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Responsive Design

Responsive design is gaining traction and by 2013 a lot of new site builds will start to investigate a mobile first strategy with either responsive or a mobile specific site.
However like most things in the world of digital, things are moving fast and learning how to design responsively requires more time and focus from digital designers under heavy workloads.

If you need assistance transitioning to this exciting shift in website design, we can work with you to transition your existing wireframes/designs to a finished responsive delivery.
We can provide this as an ongoing or interim service until your design team feels confident they can handle this. We can also provide a guide on designing for responsive to get them started or help them mature their responsive design skills.

Send Steven or Nicole an email if you would like to discuss the options with us.

News from Hambo

Christmas is just around the corner and there are lots of campaigns, predominantly short term surfacing lately. Along with big projects, we are also equipped to handle campaign work for Facebook, micro-sites and eDMs. We look forward to working with you on your next project, no matter how big or small. We’re your agency digital partner, so you can deliver on time and on budget to your clients.

The services we offer are constantly evolving to meet the market, so here is a refreshed list of skills and services:

  • Social Media: Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram
  • Web Development: HTML5/CSS/jQuery, Wordpress, ExpressionEngine, Drupal
  • PHP Development: Symphony 2, Yii & custom PHP
  • eCommerce: ExpressionEngine, Magento
  • Micro-sites and eDMs
  • Mobile Apps: Android and iOS (Phonegap and native code)
  • Mobile Web
  • Mobile Games
  • Windows and SmartTV apps
  • Digital Strategy
  • Digital Design

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The Power of HTML5

58 % in Asia Pacific, 43% in the US and 39% of developers in Europe, Middle East and Africa are using HTML5 now.

HTML has always been important, it is the fundamental language of the web and has undergone several evolutions on it’s way to HTML5. Most non-technical people see it as the groundwork for basic functionality and not overly exciting, but HTML5 is more than just the window dressing.

Online media is diversifying and growing at an unprecedented way with mainstream adoption of interactive technologies. Front end code is more important than ever, with digital technologies now moving past the humble computer screen, XHTML and HTML predecessors are out of their depth.
The adoption rate is steadily climbing and it’s application becoming more diverse. Use of HTML5 is highest in the Asia Pacific region, but growing globally.

The web is also no longer just about websites, it’s about an interactive digital society that is maturing, growing and evolving; interaction is key. The industry, including Hambo is moving forward in front end development with HTML5. Our experienced front end team have been working with it for a while. While some might see if as just another evolution in front end code, it really is so much more, harnessing the power to develop interactive, cross browser, cross device websites and applications seamlessly.

  • Compatibility
  • Alternative to Adobe Flash
  • Interactivity & Apps
  • Caching
  • Audio and Video
  • Speed

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