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Mobile First Digital Strategy

The term Mobile First was coined by Luke Wroblewski and basically talks about how digital strategy should think mobile first in their design and concept phase. The concept has been supported by industry specialists such as Ethan Marcotte (Responsive Design Pioneer), who believe that the way of the future is the mobile / smartphone. So what does Mobile First mean to most strategy, design and branding agencies and why is it important?

Australia currently has one of the highest penetration rates in the world for smartphones, at 52% of our population. Interestingly just a year ago it was only 37%. In the US the penetration rate is at 44% and the UK is not far behind Australia at 51%. Data supports an upwards trend as it continues to grow at an exponential rate. By 2015 smartphone usage is tipped to exceed desktop usage.

  • What differentiates the mobile device from the web?
  • What does mobile first thinking mean?
  • Why are people logging onto their mobile device?
  • Responding to user behaviour

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