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Hopefully by now you’ve enjoyed reading a few of our articles, or even if you have just joined you have had the benefit of our archives. These articles are for you and your agency staff to help you pitch a digital strategy to your clients. As a digital company we love looking into the market forecasts and seeing what people are doing, thinking or predicting. We are always looking at new technologies, trends and industry news to report on and we’d like to take this opportunity to gain your feedback.

Are there any technologies or digital questions you’d like answered? If so we’d love to do the research for you and present it in a future article. Even if you enjoyed a previous article and would like more information or a follow up, we’d love to know.

Send me some suggestions and feedback at [email protected] and we’ll collate the information to make our newsletter as informative and relevant as we can. Enjoy the read!

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Facebook Development

We’ve been getting more heavily involved in Facebook development over the past year as I imagine most creative industries have been. Most large and medium sized business have a Facebook app or connection and small businesses generally have a Facebook page. With a growing need to ensure we had the specialist knowledge to provide Facebook development resources to our clients we sought out an experienced Facebook developer who had considerable exposure to the different calibre of Facebook apps out there.

If you’ve not already had the pleasure of a conversation with him, we’d like to introduce our Lead Mobile App and Facebook Developer, João Ribeiro. João is a software engineer and application developer who is very familiar with Facebook and understands their rules and interface in regards to fangates, applications, websites and games. We are very lucky to have his expertise on board and are excited about future projects.

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Facebook and Social Media Marketing

A US study found that by 2010, 86% of Generation Y was using Social Media applications, however what might surprise you is that 26% of over 65s are using it too! In 2007, 16% of companies were using social media to blog but by 2012 that figure rose to 43%.

Social media and mobile apps are gaining popularity across the globe. Marketing a business via these avenues can be lucrative and rewarding if done right. Depending on the desired audience, having some form of social media presence can be critical in achieving exposure.

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