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Mobile Apps and Web

The demand for mobile web is growing and it seems that even from last year to this year, the number of companies trying to get into the mobile market has boomed. Still more are expected to secure mobile exposure and we have geared ourselves to prepare for the shift in development needs of our clients.

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Magento eCommerce

We have developed several eCommerce solutions in ExpressionEngine (using CartThrob & Store) and Wordpress (using WooCommerce) which has resulted in some highly trafficked and successful solutions. However a lot of our clients are also asking for Magento services for their pure eCommerce and possibly mCommerce stores. We are also able to offer certified Magento development to clients for eCommerce specific projects that require a specialist system built for high volume orders, shipping and transactions. This includes mobile shopping sites.

If you are looking into eCommerce and are not sure which solution would suit you, or if you have a preference for Wordpress, ExpressionEngine or Magento please feel free to discuss your next project with us.

Agency Post Interview with Founder, Steven Hambleton

The Agency Post, a US based marketing and advertising agency publication interviewed Steven last month about Hambo Development. The Executive Editor, Jami Oetting sought out an interview with Steven after learning about Hambo’s unique position within the industry, to provide digital only solutions to creative agencies. This sparked interest because Jami believes that this is the direction the advertising and creative industry is taking and she was keen to speak to our company founder about why we chose this path, how our processes have evolved and what the future holds.

Jami is an advocate for specialisation within the creative / marketing / PR industry. By focussing on core skills and collaborating with other professionals, agencies can increase their value to clients. Trends show that a lot of agencies are choosing to employ virtual teams for efficiency, flexibility and cost effectiveness, to enhance their full service capabilities.

The article highlights our history, why we chose to evolve our strategy to agency only support and where we see the industry heading. We are passionate about what we do and strongly believe that collaboration, specialisation and technical expertise are fundamental building blocks to a successful creative agency.

Read the full interview with Steven Hambleton on The Agency Post.

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Agency Mobile Strategy: Mobile Site vs Native Mobile App

There has been a lot of discussion as to the best way forward when thinking about designing and developing a dedicated mobile site. Do you choose a mobile site or a native mobile app?

Lets assume that the forecasts are right and that smartphone usage will exceed desktop computers by 2015. Just getting a mobile website isn’t necessarily the smartest move. The smartphone is a platform, the possibilities of how to leverage it are ever expanding. Responsive, mobile web, app, there are key differences, to do with the backend functionality, marketing, platforms, code, design considerations and of course cost. In this article we will discuss these in more detail. Most importantly you need to know what your objective is to choose the right option, at the right time.

  • Purpose
  • Compatibility
  • Accessibility
  • Longevity
  • Cost
  • Design considerations

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