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Agency Mobile Strategy: Mobile Web

The Australian market demonstrates the second highest percentage of (37%) adopters of smartphones in the world, second only to Singapore.

Everyday people pick up their mobiles, not just to make calls but to use online apps and surf the web. Going mobile isn’t just about a shift in platforms it’s a shift in consumer behaviour.

Responsive design can cater for information driven sites but as the interactivity requirements increase or become specialised you may need to make the next leap to a dedicated mobile site.

  • Why is mobile web growing?
  • What is mobile web?
  • Bandwidth
  • Screen size
  • User behaviour
  • Key points for mobile design

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ExpressionEngine Documentation Add-on

Introducing HelpEE, an ExpressionEngine documentation add-on that allows us to create docs modules for popular functions or add-ons that can be remotely updated if the site's add-ons are updated to meet any new functionality. New site specific documentation can also be created to explain how to administer specific sections of the site.