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Hambo’s new website launches

Our new website has finally launched! It’s been a labour of love, often stalled by work demands but never the less we were determined to get it launched before July. We made a new years resolution for 2012 to get the new website up and running before the middle of the year and we are proud to announce we did it!

Online Font Services

In the past web fonts have been somewhat limited, relying on technologies like Flash or more recently Javascript, to make their way to the mainstream. A well laid out design that supported an entire marketing and branding strategy in print or TV suddenly fell down on the web, when it had to rely on a default font like Arial.

Online font services have been changing the web typography scene since 2010 and are growing in popularity.

  • High quality fonts on websites
  • Legally display professional fonts
  • Accessibility
  • Growing trend

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