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The Agency Post, a US based marketing and advertising agency publication interviewed Steven last month about Hambo Development. The Executive Editor, Jami Oetting sought out an interview with Steven after learning about Hambo’s unique position within the industry, to provide digital only solutions to creative agencies. This sparked interest because Jami believes that this is the direction the advertising and creative industry is taking and she was keen to speak to our company founder about why we chose this path, how our processes have evolved and what the future holds.

Jami is an advocate for specialisation within the marketing / PR industry. By focussing on core skills and collaborating with other professionals, agencies can increase their value to clients. Trends show that a lot of agencies are choosing to employ virtual teams for efficiency, flexibility and cost effectiveness, to enhance their full service capabilities.

The article highlights our history, why we chose to evolve our strategy to agency only support and where we see the industry heading. We are passionate about what we do and strongly believe that collaboration, specialisation and technical expertise are fundamental building blocks to a successful creative agency.

The e-consultancy, digital outsourcing report found that 20% of creative and advertising agencies reported internal capacity issues, with a lack of specific in house skills. Digital and technical skills are the most likely to be outsourced. The most important criterion for hiring an outsource partner was reliability, followed closely by quality.

Several years ago we were a web design and development agency but we quickly realised our strengths were in servicing others in a digital capacity to achieve their strategic marketing campaigns. By specialising in digital technologies and tailoring our workforce, processes, systems and research in this area we were able to deliver to our clients a strategic partnership they could use to enhance their own offerings. Here are some of the key reasons partnering with an external digital team works:

  • Turn around projects faster
  • Offer a wider range of digital solutions to your client without having to internally recruit individual specialists
  • Have access to technical advice and consultants to make informed and competitive pitches
  • Have the confidence to push the boundaries and chase the new digital business from your competitors
  • An ear to the ground on digital technologies, we do the research daily to see what’s happening
  • Save money on continually recruiting, managing and training an in house digital development for the ever changing technology needs.

For a lot of creative and full service agencies, digital technologies are now a core part of their offerings. Therefore most would assume that having an in-house team makes business sense. The reality is often not as clear cut. More and more agencies we work with have tried both scenarios and most agree that often a mix of the two or a preference to outsourcing makes financial sense.

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